Fizzle Custom

This custom package for Fizzle is based on Podcast Royale's Standard service package, but is modified to accommodate two episodes per week. The following represent weekly deliverables.

Customized Standard Package

  • Complete audio editing and production
  • Mixing in intro/outro, music, ad-reads, and effects
  • ID3 tagging and episode SEO
  • Show Notes Pro
    • 300-500 word article with links and time-stamps
  • Tweetable pull quotes
  • Featured image
  • Each episode published to Fireside and WordPress


  • YouTube: We'll create YouTube versions of each Friday episode and schedule them to publish. These will include:
    • A featured cover image.
    • A three-five minute promotional clip from each episode
    • Show notes and links for the main video and the promotional video.
  • Audiograms: We'll create one audiogram for each Tuesday episode.
    • We'll design a template and you will have the opportunity to review, provide feedback, and approve the template.


Monthly Recurring Fees

  • Custom Standard Package - $1599/mo
  • Add-ons - $700/mo